Friday, June 26, 2009

Saddam’s sons and Khamenei’s Sons, same destinations

First Row: Khamenei - Saddam
second row: Saddam's Sons. Uday Hussain and Qusay Husain
third row: Khamenei's sons: Mohsen (1), Mojtaba (2), Mostafa(4), Meisam (5), last left photo Mohsen and Meisam Khamenei

Mojtaba and other Khemenei’s sons are dreaming Heredity monarchy like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Venezuela, North Korea, and other Arab countries in Iran. But nobody doubt about end of such stories. All those mentioned countries have legitimacy problem inside their countries and … Iran is completely different socially and culturally. People of Iran won’t tolerate such government. But it seems Mojtaba and other Khamenei’s sons are following Saddam’s Sons path.


  1. I think you are completely nuts! What do Khamenei's sons have in common with Uday?

    Look at the difference in the way they dress, the way they talk... do you know anyting about these people that you are talking about!

  2. Khamenei is an intelligent and great while Saddam was a tyrant. There is no comparison. The ideals of boths are different you idots. America sees everything wrong in its defective eyes

  3. they are the same

  4. Khamenei is the same person as Sadam just a little bit more intelligent.
    He is a rich bastard that doesnt give a shit for his poeple.
    He is the one who killed Khomeini's son.
    The ring on his hand is worth $500,000.
    He has a collection of Smoking Pipes, though he says he has quit smoking..but that bull shit.
    He rented out the whole hospital in UK for his Nephew to be born.
    He is a rich bastard, that is ruling a country by force just for the money.

  5. we gives our lifes for our country and islam you had better let us do wath we must do if mojtaba or anyone else do what he must not do we ourselfs gives him a good lesson death to israeil

  6. Khamenei is a wise man, most important he have many credentials to prove that he is honest with his nation.
    any one comparing Khamenei with Saddam is stupid .. and analyzing everything with biasness.

  7. Don't compare Saddam to this scumbag. You dont see Saddam killing or oppressing a women because she isn't wearing the hijab. Saddam was also proud of the ancient history unlike Khameini who could care less about Persian history.