Sunday, June 21, 2009

Islamic Revolutionary Court start its killing machines

More than 20 people sentenced death by Islamic Revolutionary Court - Revolutionary tribunal-. These people have been arrested during current rally against Ahmadinejad government. Families of prisoners start protest against these sentences in City Park (Park e shahr) and Imam Khomeini Sq. Revolutionary Court and government claim that sentenced individuals who are mostly between 18-25 years old are member of Peoples Mojahedin Organization of Iran (Sazman e Mojahedin Khalgh e Iran). Everybody in Iran believe that “Peoples Mojahedin Organization of Iran” are not active in Iran at all and individual in the age of 18-25 cannot be member of such groups. Mentioned individuals sentenced in Islamic Revolutionary Court without Layer and courtroom. Security forces don’t allowed people to take photo from this protest. There won’t be official news about sentenced people and time of their execution.

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