Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran weapons of Militia and police

one of islamic militia in Iran who used knife against protesters

Militia (Basij militants) use pepper gas, clubs, sword, blade, chains and knives against protesters in Iran. they are being supported by security forces and police.
People say that tBasij is being paid by islamic goverment. some of them are from street gangester bands that goverment use them to hurt people.
Is being said in Iran that Islamic goverment dose not trust police, security guard, national army (Artesh) and even revolutionery guards (Sepah Pasdarn) to follow orders. That's why goverment tries to use Basij militants instead of official forces against people. Witnesses report that mentioned militia order official police and security guards and command street operations against protesters.
Basij militants can enter university without attending national enterance exam and they do not go for military service which is compulsory for all young people in Iran.

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