Saturday, June 20, 2009

Always beside people

5th Mousavi’s declaration:
I will always stay beside you

5th Mousavi's decleration publishedin his facebook page. His 5th decleration after election is as follow:
"I came to say it’s not too late to be Muslim and still live in modern society. I came to say dictatorship is result of running away of law.
Now, government authorities admitting the result of election, accept its responsibilities and put limits of any kind of investigation in a way that these investigations would not ended in any change in the result of the election.

We are being asked to in this conditions follow up our complains through Guardian Council, however this council before, now and even in future has been proved that it is not a neutral council and being able to have neutral opinion is the first principle for any judgment.

I still strongly believe that request for annulment of the election result and re-election is an obvious right which should be taken into consideration form the council that has national trust, not in the way that even before any investigation, the possibility of announcing other result being cancelled or with announcing the possibility of blooding events try to prevent people from any protesting or security council instead of being responsive to people’s legitimate questions regarding government Militias and attacking people start to blame others for any miserable events that are going to be happen.
When I look at the scene, I see it as a target much further that posing an unwanted government to one nation, I see it as posing the new political life in the country. I, as a person who accompany you and have been seen the beauties of the green wave of your presence, never allow myself to as the result of my action, anybody posed to any danger or risk. Meantime, I insist on the severe belief regarding annulment of election and getting peoples right and despite my limited abilities i believe that your motivation and creativity still can follow up your legitimate right in the shape of new civic movements and ended to the result.
Be confident that I will always stay beside you.

Your brother
Mir Hossein Mousavi"

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